Learn the 100 most efficient formulas in MS Excel, the macros and advanced level database managing possibilities!

Those who do „magic” in Excel day by day, who need to use many functions at an advanced level, even embedded into each other, and work with giant databases, usage of Excel as a „native” language is a must. That’s where this training is helpful, sorting out the most of Excel functions which can be used efficiently for office work, teaching the automation of long series of steps via macros, importing data from webpages and other methods which are applied by „IT Gurus” for accelerating their daily assignments.

Main topics:

Usage of the 100 most useful Excel functions

   Usage of Statistical and Mathematical functions

   Usage of Logical functions

   Usage of Information functions

   Usage of Lookup/Matrix functions

   Usage of Database functions

Utilizing complex nested function-in-function possibilities

Advanced conditional formatting

Usage of shortcut buttons & icons

Customizing special settings

Preventing data filling errors, advanced validation

Creating action & project planning template files

Word – Creating mail merge documents

Data import from other files or even from webpage

Basics of creating macros (absolute & relative)

Windows tricks, settings, efficient softwares

Web time saving possibilities

Other parametres:

Timing: 2 days
No. of participants: 8-12
Laptops/PC-s required (1 or 2 participants per computer)
Languages available: Hungarian, English

As a manager, would you like to improve your colleagues' work efficiency to a Professional level?

The most efficient MS Excel, Outlook & PowerPoint tips in 1 time management training, with task & project management template files!

Automate your HR database easily!

  • It can be uploaded and implemented in a few weeks
  • Easy-to-use, requires only a brief user training
  • Faster data entry at "All-in-one" surfaces
  • Exportable reports, statistics by only 1 click
  • Short lead time to further develop

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