How can we monitor our work processes in automated spreadsheets? How can we multiply our work speed? How can we work together with our group in the same spreadsheets? How to win time with the support of Excel?

The attendees of this training learn innovative MS Excel time saving tips collected based on multinational leadership experience, through exact job-specific examples, sample files. By applying the training’s toolkit the colleagues’ overload decreases, they ae able to do their work assignments with less time and energy effort.

4 levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Visual Basic

Main topics:

Basic level:

Quick calculation tricks

Quick jumping, quick selection in tables

Formatting reports & tables

Filtering, sorting & freezing panes

Conditional formatting

Usage of shortcut buttons & icons

Quick creation of charts

Data uploading to the database from other files

The most important Statistical & Mathematical functions (sum, average, round etc.)

Usage of Text functions

Intermediate level:

Quick calculation tricks

Quick jumping, quick selection in tables

Making reports & tables more visual

Conditional formatting options

Usage of shortcut buttons & icons

Customizing special settings

Faster handling of charts

Data uploading to the database from other files

Goal seek, optimization

Sharing documents

Protection of documents

Tracking formula

Usage of Text functions

Usage of Date & Time functions

Identification of documents

Pivot tables & charts

Automatic uploading possibilities

Preventing data filling errors, validation

Common formatting & developing worksheets, consolidating worksheets

Advanced level:

Advanced conditional formatting

Usage of shortcut buttons & icons

Customizing special settings

Preventing data filling errors, advanced validation

Advanced Pivot tables & charts

Creating action & project planning template files

Utilizing complex nested function-in-function possibilities

Usage of Statistical and Mathematical functions

Usage of Logical functions

Usage of Information functions

Usage of Lookup/Matrix functions

Usage of Database functions

Word – Creating mail merge documents

Data import from other files or even from webpage

Recording macros (absolute & relative) and editing in Visual Basic

Automation by Visual Basic macros:

Creating macros (absolute & relative) by recording

Creating macros in Visual Basic

Automating regular tasks (typing functions, filtering, re-layout etc.)

Accelerating navigation among tables & charts

Getting data from other worksheets and from other files

Automating reports from entered data

Creating new functions

Working out dialogue windows

Programming control objects (command button, combo list etc.)

Sending & receiving data with other applications (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint etc.)

Other parametres:

Timing: 1 day
No. of participants: 8-12
Laptops/PC-s required (1 or 2 participants per computer)
Languages available: Hungarian, English

Extra service – based on Customer need:

  1. If you have no time to automate, further develop your MS Excel files, or you have problems to solve, send the file(s) via e-mail with the instructions & requests.
  2. When needed, details can be discussed via e-mail, phone or personal meeting to see what exactly you need.
  3. You receive back the enhanced, solved file with modifications and instructions for usage.
This problem-solving can include all MS Excel topics listed above, and can be ordered in any MS Office version.

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