How can we avoid 20% of our regular incoming mails? How can we make our outgoing mails informative & efficient? How are we able to sort our daily messages, events and tasks in an optimized manner?

Mails, meeting invitations arrive every day, we save senders as contact, at many companies tasks are created and delegated to one another in this system. MS Outlook is one of the most complex and most useful communication & orgainzation tool for us. Let's learn its deeper usage by which we can sort our mails via several dimensions, even automatically, we can easily organize our job related and also private meetings, events, and we can also set tasks & action plans for us and for our team by all these even synchronized to our mobile phones.

Main topics:

Advanced usage of menu system of MS Outlook

Transit possibilities among Mails, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks

Efficient sorting, prioritizing & marking options of incoming messages

Automatic colouring of mails, creating rules (e.g. sorting to folders)

Efficiency criteria & useful settings of new outgoing mail messages

Information inquiry & tracking tricks

Maximizing the added value of our Calendar

Maintaining & exporting of our contacts and distribution lists

Managing & delegating our tasks

Home synchronization of our mailing system

Settings of mailbox accounts


Other parametres:

Timing: 1 day
No. of participants: 8-12
Laptops/PC-s required (1 or 2 participants per computer)
Languages available: Hungarian, English

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