MS Excel automation by Visual Basic macros

How to automate our repetitive tasks with our tables to only 1 button-click? How can we do assignments which last even 1-2 hours within only 1-2 minutes? How to create our own new Excel formulas? How to extend the normal "skills" of Excel to a higher level?

Main topics:

Creating macros (absolute & relative) by recording

Creating macros by Visual Basic Editor

Total automation of our repetitive tasks (typing formulas, filtering, inserting/deleting columns-rows-worksheets etc.)

Automatically creating reports

Speeding up the navigation among different tables and charts

Extracting data from other worksheets or other files

Breaking apart Excel tables to separate files, merging together multiple Excel files

Automatic creation of folders and files

Creating our own new formulas (which do not exist in Excel)

Creating dialogue windows, communication with the user

Protecting the worksheets

Logging the activity of users

Calling sub-macros

Handling errors, own error messages

Running macros automatically, driven by events

Other parametres:

Timing: 2 days
No. of participants: 8-12
Laptops/PC-s required (1 or 2 participants per computer)
Languages available: Hungarian, English

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