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The most efficient MS Excel, Outlook & PowerPoint tips in 1 time management training, with task & project management template files - Win time by more efficient computer usage!

Learn the 100 most efficient formulas in MS Excel, the macros and advanced level database managing possibilities!

Business-specific MS Excel
How can we monitor our work processes in automated spreadsheets? How can we multiply our work speed? How can we work together with our group in the same spreadsheets? How to win time with the support of Excel?

Creating professional presentations by MS PowerPoint
How will our presentation be „stunning”? What animation and other tricks can we use to maintain the attention of the audience? How to upload automatically updated data into our presentation? How to create an „e-learning” slide show for self-development?

Optimized mailing and task management by MS Outlook
How can we avoid 20% of our regular incoming mails? How can we make our outgoing mails informative & efficient? How are we able to sort our daily messages, events and tasks in an optimized manner?

Advanced document designing by MS Word
How can we edit our documents faster and more visually? How can we track the modifications with our team efficiently? How to create forms with fields to fill, where the data cannot be mis-typed? How to write even hundreds of postal letters or e-mails with the help of mail merge templates?

Efficient database management by MS Access
How to get rid of many overlapping Excel tables? How to create an easy-to-use, error avoiding forms for comfortable data entry? How can many of us work in the databases at the same time? How to create 1-click reports, statistics?

MS Excel automation by Visual Basic macros
How to automate our repetitive tasks with our tables to only 1 button-click? How can we do assignments which last even 1-2 hours within only 1-2 minutes? How to create our own new Excel formulas? How to extend the normal "skills" of Excel to a higher level?

As a manager, would you like to improve your colleagues' work efficiency to a Professional level?

The most efficient MS Excel, Outlook & PowerPoint tips in 1 time management training, with task & project management template files!

Automate your HR database easily!

  • It can be uploaded and implemented in a few weeks
  • Easy-to-use, requires only a brief user training
  • Faster data entry at "All-in-one" surfaces
  • Exportable reports, statistics by only 1 click
  • Short lead time to further develop

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