Based on our multinational training manager experience, we further develop your training system via applying global Best Practices so that you receive a structured, easy-to-use solution for your development goals, which works at larger volumes as well. For the training programs we systematize the internal knowledge of your company, we suggest sources for missing training contents, and we create a standard knowledge base to improve your company's competitiveness.

We also help you with harmonizing, standardizing training processes among several sites or offices (even placed in several countries), and we provide automated tracking files or database systems for each process step to minimize administration and coordination workload for your colleagues.

Main fields:

Training needs survey
- Building up the competency map for all jobs
- Introductory orientation trainings for new employees
- Surveying organizational unit and job specific training needs
- Surveying equipment and product/service specific training needs
- Compulsory training demands required by authorities
- Other individual development needs

Working out and optimizing training budget
- Efficient distribution of training budget among organizational units
- Planning and controlling training cost components
- Defining proper cost limits of approval rights
- Cost saving & optimization opportunities, options for accounting against tax and funds

Efficient elaboration of training programs
- Defining target groups and development goals
- Working out the equivalency & pre-requisite system for the trainings
- Training recertification and decertification requirements
- Selection of the optimal training formats (internal - external, classroom - e-learning etc.)
- Determining the methodologies of training & testing
- Designing material requirements (curricula, aiding tools)
- Producing training manuals and communication materials
- Creating and sharing the training knowledge-base at common surfaces (e-Room, Intranet etc.)
- Accreditation of training programs

Organizing, carrying out training events
- Finding internal & external sources for missing training contents
- Tendering, qualification and selection of internal & external trainers, training companies/institutions
- Tendering, qualification and selection of e-learning and webinar providers
- Qualification and proper equipment of internal & external training venues
- Optimizing our contracts with external partners
- Group setting and scheduling of sessions, aggregating a training calendar
- Documenting & tracking training sessions in database
- Multi-level assessment & follow-up of training efficiency
- Working out Coaching and Mentoring systems
- Training internal trainers (train-the-trainer) and training coordinators (tracking & organization of trainings)
- IT automation possibilities for tracking the due trainings

Performance management & development
- Managerial preformance appraisal (Key Performance Indicator system & competency based)
- 360-degree performance appraisal
- Applying Assessment Center (AC) and Development Center (DC)
- Key Employees assessment and special development & career plan
- Key Employees succession plan, the successor talent pool's special development plan

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